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Pubescent Girls Fall In Love With Water Ballet

Linen Press 2024 Anthology



                        You’re sure, after your child drowns,

you will never return—yet, from across the lake, 

                        you watch the house,

once yours. Early mornings

                        you walk the road—approach the screen porch

close enough to smell their coffee percolating, 

                        hear the crack and whisk of eggs, sizzling 

slabs of bacon hot on their griddle. 

                        You want no one to notice as you listen

to the banter between mother, the children, their father—

                        his laughter rolls across the lake, 

reviving memories of your husband in this cottage, 

                        your daily patterns recreated now

by strangers. You stand alone resuscitating 

                        summer days filled with syncopated sounds

of the screen door slamming as your sons run 

                        in and out—you recall bonfires, fireflies, 

sunburned arms. Most afternoons now

                        you watch their kids sprint to the lake,

dive off the dock—

                        as their heads bob to the surface, you count.

Baltimore Review 2022 Anthology

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From Pandemic to Protest

My thanks to The Poetry Box publisher Shawn Aveningo Sanders for including my two poems: "Invisible Wounds" and "Here is What I Want to Tell You," written in response to the 2020-21 Covid pandemic.


Click on the link to listen to my recorded reading of these two poems, and to order a copy of the book.


I'm honored to have my poem, "Before Gravity" included in this lovely collection.


To celebrate their sixth year of publishing Star 82 Review, Editor Alisa Golden has brought together 100 short poems from past issues plus 25 black-and-white artworks and recombined them into a new anthology: * 82 Review Pocket Poems. The content is fully linked online, and the thick pocket-sized book (4.25” x 6.75”) is now available in print through

Please click on the links to view the online version, or order your own book of Pocket Poems! 

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